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Barnet Mencap
35 Hendon Lane
Finchley, London N3 1RT
Tel: 020 8349 3842
Fax: 020 8349 2192

Accessible Information

We aim to make this website accessible to everyone. If you experience any kind of problem or have any feedback about it please e-mail

You can make the writing bigger on our site

To increase the text size:

Scroll the wheel of your mouse while you hold down the control key (Ctrl).
or go to:

  • Internet Explorer: View > Text size
  • Netscape: Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts
  • Firefox: Hold down Ctrl and press +, or press Alt then select View > Zoom > Zoom In
  • Opera: File > Preferences > Fonts > Minimum font size (pixels)
  • All text is assigned a relative font size - this means that you can resize the text if you want to

These methods will all vary slightly depending on what version of the browser you have.

Using a screen reader

For those using screen readers, the content comes before the navigation on each page - at the start of the content you have the option to skip to the navigation.

All informational images contain an ALT tag and decorative images have a null ALT attribute so only if the image has useful information is it available to screen readers

Easy Printing

The pages on this website are all printer-friendly - just the Mencap Logo and the page content will appear on any printouts you make. All pages are designed using CSS - no tables whatsoever have been used in the design of this website.

Standards compliance

This website conforms to:

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines priority 1, 2, and 3.