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Barnet Mencap
35 Hendon Lane
Finchley, London N3 1RT
Tel: 020 8349 3842
Fax: 020 8349 2192

The Award Winning Fit2gether Project

The Fit2gether project gives you lots of chances to try new sports and physical activities.

ZumbaIt is very important for us to do some physical activity each week as this keeps us fit and healthy. Sport keeps our heart healthy and our bones strong. It can also make us feel less stressed and can improve our mood. If we combine it with eating healthily it can also help us to lose weight.

 All activities are fun and you can do them at your own pace! We are also able to give you help and advice if you want to join in an activity of your choice, in your area.


Our current activities include: Football, Zumba, Martial Arts, Yoga, Tennis, Golf, Badminton and Swimming Sessions.

To view a short video on the service, please click here.

In the past we have also done Basketball, Circuit Training, Ice Skating, Table Tennis and Water Aerobics

If you would like more details or would like to join Fit2gether, call Project Support on 020 8349 3842.