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Mia: Daughters of Fortune - Theatre Review

One of our service users, Hamid O’Toole, went to see Mia: Daughters of Fortune from the Mind the Gap theatre company. Here’s what he had to say about it:

HamidMia is the second major production in Mind the Gap Theatre company’s Daughters of Fortune project which explores learning disability and parenthood. Created and directed by Joyce Nga Yu Lee, Mia tackles with humour the sensitive topic of what happens when people with learning disabilities get pregnant while delivering hard truths.

The play is delivered with confidence and raw emotion by four actors with learning disabilities, each bringing their own unique talent to the production including a spectacular contemporary dance performance delivered by Joanna and Anna; a music composition created on stage by Alan and an enlightening science monologue by Alison. MIAimage

One of my favourite things about the performance was the simple but effective use of setting, props and lighting with videos and audio from real life experiences weaved into the scenes. A particularly memorable scene used darkness and light to make an interview with a social worker feel like an interrogation; the staging bringing to life the fear and confusion the character in the scene felt.

It is said great theatre should challenge the audience and Mia does just that; the depiction of these real life issues made me sad and makes me want to see things change.  With fast paced transitions and several surprises along the way, Mia keeps the audience on their toes. An enjoyable and eye-opening journey that I would recommend everybody to go and watch. 

4/5 Stars

Mind the Gap theatre company work in partnership with people with learning disabilities to create ‘exciting, surprising and challenging experiences’. For more information on Mind the Gap, please click here

MIA: Daughters of Fortune is touring the country! There will be performances at the VAULT Festival in London on 1st - 2nd March and two shows at The Albany on 14th March before performaing at other cities, for tour dates and ticket information, please click here.

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